Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Ultrasound

So we had our first ultrasound yesterday and we are still pregnant!!! And we are having... One sweet little baby!

We got to see the heartbeat! It was such a surreal special moment. I was so happy I did not even ask our due date but I was 6 weeks 3 days yesterday so I believe that makes us due on November 30!

A friend nicknamed the baby Leonitis (I have no idea!) and I think the name is going to stick for now at least. So without further ado here is Baby Leo:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scared shitless.

Almost a week ago I started spotting. Nothing major, just a little that I thought it was implementation bleeding. The next day it changed to a bright red color which scared me. I called my doctor and they said do not worry it is probable normal and if I am miscarrying there is nothing to do about it. Plus, do not lift anything over 10lbs. Ok, I told myself all is good and to stop worrying... Well that only lasts as long as I do not go to the bathroom where I am reminded that I am still spotting.

I am scared shitless. I know it is normal but what is considered normal? What is considered normal for me may not be normal for the next lady. I keep telling myself to be patience, relax, and it is all working out but it is not working.

I am still spotting some days better than others but still spotting. I am trying to stay calm but I am screaming/crying inside. I keep telling my little embabies to hold on tight. But really, I am just scared shitless.

I also want to add I really do not have any symptoms. At least any that I might have could be from my amazing imagination!