Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breastfeeding and working

So I have started to write this blog several times and have never been able to finish it!  But after reading the news item from today I thought it was a perfect time and stop delaying!  The news items is an article written about breastfeeding and working and why many women quit breastfeeding when they return to work.  Visit Pailbloggers for the summary and article!  After reading the post, Pailbloggers asked the following questions:

If you are nursing and back to work, how is it going? Do you feel truly supported?
For me, work has been supported but I am not even a full week back.  I haven't really been an inconveniece yet and I wonder how long before I am an inconvenience.  However, I am an auditor and my boss understands the laws/regulations about breastfeeding so even though I may inconvenience her from time to time I do not see her saying anything as long as I am staying on top of my workload.  I am salary and not hourly so I guess if I have to come into work on Saturday every now and then to keep up it wont be too bad!

Do you have adequate access to a room to pump in, is it comfortable, clean, secure?
I am pumping in our meeting room.  My office is an converted old house.  I am upstairs by myself in this large room.  I realize I am spoiled since I am not in a damp dark closet!

Did you give up nursing because it was too hard to work and pump?
Not yet! And, I am hoping to make it past 6 months.  I would like to breastfeed Ava for her first year.

Did you have access to a Lactation Consultant in the hospital? Did you have access after you left the hospital?
Yes, I do.  I attend (when I can) monthly meetings that the hospital has for nursing mothers.  The problem is the meeting is during the afternoons and it is hard for me to get off work for them.  I am hoping to convince the ladies to have at least one night meeting a quarter for us working moms. 

Have you ever felt ‘penalized’ in your job because you chose to pump milk for your child while at work?
No, not yet and hopefully I never will.

My questions for those experienced pumping at work mommies:  I pump in privacy and would love to take my laptop to the my pumping area but I figure whats the point I am holding the pumps and do not have a spare third hand!  How do you do handsfree pumping?  I am using the Philips Advent pump.  I like it and got it for a bargain.  I just wish I could do something else while I am pumping besides just sit there watching the milk drop into the storage container.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 Reasons

Since it is Valentines week in all...

I have been thinking a lot about my husband and how my love for him has grown/changed. I have several moments in time where I thought I would never love him as much as I do now.

When we had our first real kiss my knees got weak and I thought to myself this boy is going to do a number on me! I never expected all this. Flash forward to our wedding... I remember taking snapshots in my mind of him and loving ever minute of it thinking I will never love this man more than I did right then.

Now, watching him with Ava I just do not think I will ever be able to love this man more then I do at this point in time. He is so gentle, patient, and sweet! He can calm her so quickly most times. It melts my heart. The day she was born, the tears in his eyes still melt my heart.

I was reading Josey's Cheap Version of Therapy blog's 10 reason why she loves her husband over at and decided to do my own 10 reasons.

1. He is a provider. Even though, I do not want to be provided for, it is exactly what I need some times. I love that he works hard at his job and started his own business.
2. He does not pressure me. I never felt pressure from him during TTC. He was supportive of my decisions but never once did I feel pressured.
3. He includes me yet is independent. We are awesome at being a couple but we are not joined at the hip either.
4. He understands that I need my time too. Since having Ava, he has sent me out for Kelly-time at least once a week!
5. He is supportive of my activities. I race my car and he is always trying to help me and improve my car. Even the activities he doesn't enjoy (i.e., golfing and musicals) he lets me go without giving me any crap.
6. He still surprises me from time to time.
7. He is our social life! He makes friends so easily and I am more shy plus no one wants to be friends with an auditor!
8. He cooks! Yes ladies! He enjoys cooking!
9. He is so loving with Ava. Even when he is at his wits end with her fussiness/colic/screaming he remains so calm and loving. It is so sexy to see him with her.
10. It would not be right for me mention how incredible gorgeous he is! He is a man. He has to keep clean shaven for the work week but on weekends/vacation he lets his beard grow some... Just a little sexy stubble and boy does it melt my butter.

After 12 years of dating/marriage, he still has my heart!