Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birth Control

At my 6 week checkup the doctor asked me what we wanted to do for birth control. Ben and I talked about it some but I know the ball is in my court. I know I do not want to take any hormones! After this last couple years I am over hormones!

Without hormones that leads us to condoms, diaphragms, IUD, and fate. I do not think I am talented enough to do a diaphragms and I really do not want to rely on condoms. I am not opposed to IUDs just do not know much about them.

Then there is fate. I like the idea of trusting fate. I know it is naive to think that we would not get pregnant naturally now but at the same time it took us three years to get pregnant. We both want more kids... Just not right now. We want time to enjoy a family of three before growing!

I think I am leaning towards the IUD. What have you done for birth control after infertility?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Snapshot

It was a long night! We watched our first UK basketball game with friends and had a blast! I was still tired and Ava was a little fussy so we went downstairs so daddy could sleep longer. This is what he found downstairs when he woke up!

One of my favorite pastimes! Napping together on the couch! Love my baby girl!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are you on a schedule yet?

"Are you on a schedule yet?" seems to be the next big question everyone asks. Are we on a schedule, I do not know! I am trying to get in a schedule but baby girl is only 6 weeks which means Mama is only 6 weeks too!

I have read that babies AC's age should not be awake for longer than 2 hours at a time. So for the last four days I have done my best to make that work. Day 1 was hell! The morning was great but the afternoon nap was nonexistent. But my mind was set to make this work.

Day 2 & 3 had some difficulties but it got easier every sleep. Plus, she has been sleeping longer at night too which makes a happy mommy! Day 4- it went to hell again! I could not get her to sleep tonight at all! She wasn't hungry, her diaper was clean but she was just a fussy baby.

I will persevere! It will only get easier with a few hiccups!

My thing though is reading books on sleeping or any baby thing frustrates me. It puts pressure on me for when things should/how happen. Then I get overwhelmed because things are not happening to plan. I know I cannot let it but it does. For example, day one completely overwhelmed; day 2 almost beat me but day 3 went so well I saw the light. But, I guess that is parenthood. You read, get suggestions and then figure out what works for you!

Do I think we are on a schedule... Well, no but we are trying like hell!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Snapshot!!

I know I may be a horrible mommy for posting this picture of AC but it is just too cute that I cannot resist!

My goal is to take monthly pictures of AC in this tutu throughout her first year. Ideally, I wanted the first picture to be that perfect serene sleepy happy baby for her one month pictures! However, Miss Ava had another idea in mind!

(Note: Ava was consoled immediately after the picture was taken!)