Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birth Control

At my 6 week checkup the doctor asked me what we wanted to do for birth control. Ben and I talked about it some but I know the ball is in my court. I know I do not want to take any hormones! After this last couple years I am over hormones!

Without hormones that leads us to condoms, diaphragms, IUD, and fate. I do not think I am talented enough to do a diaphragms and I really do not want to rely on condoms. I am not opposed to IUDs just do not know much about them.

Then there is fate. I like the idea of trusting fate. I know it is naive to think that we would not get pregnant naturally now but at the same time it took us three years to get pregnant. We both want more kids... Just not right now. We want time to enjoy a family of three before growing!

I think I am leaning towards the IUD. What have you done for birth control after infertility?


  1. We went with absolutely nothing. I knew I wanted to breastfeed at least a year, and I figured that beyond IF, that even further lessened my chances of a chance conception early on. Now we're 13 months in, still BFing 2x/day, and no period yet, so I'm really REALLY pretty sure that a chance conception isn't going to happen any time soon. I dunno...I figured why not chance fate. If it had happened somehow, we would have made it work, and it would have been awesome. I just couldn't get myself to PAY for birth control! :)

  2. My doctor told me I was fertile so becareful. We have friends that proved BFing is not birth control. I am just not ready for another infant. We will be doing nothing until I make the decision... So I guess we are tempting fate right now! Thank you for posting your experience!

  3. My OB asked where our infertility problems lied, and since my answer was low sperm count she pointed out that low sperm doesn't mean NO sperm. Damnit. So now I'm back on the pill. I know what it does to me and I've always had a good experience on it so I figured why fuck with what works?