Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are you on a schedule yet?

"Are you on a schedule yet?" seems to be the next big question everyone asks. Are we on a schedule, I do not know! I am trying to get in a schedule but baby girl is only 6 weeks which means Mama is only 6 weeks too!

I have read that babies AC's age should not be awake for longer than 2 hours at a time. So for the last four days I have done my best to make that work. Day 1 was hell! The morning was great but the afternoon nap was nonexistent. But my mind was set to make this work.

Day 2 & 3 had some difficulties but it got easier every sleep. Plus, she has been sleeping longer at night too which makes a happy mommy! Day 4- it went to hell again! I could not get her to sleep tonight at all! She wasn't hungry, her diaper was clean but she was just a fussy baby.

I will persevere! It will only get easier with a few hiccups!

My thing though is reading books on sleeping or any baby thing frustrates me. It puts pressure on me for when things should/how happen. Then I get overwhelmed because things are not happening to plan. I know I cannot let it but it does. For example, day one completely overwhelmed; day 2 almost beat me but day 3 went so well I saw the light. But, I guess that is parenthood. You read, get suggestions and then figure out what works for you!

Do I think we are on a schedule... Well, no but we are trying like hell!

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  1. On a schedule??? Are these people insane? You can't get babies on a schedule until they are like 3-4 months old! Don't stress yourself out. Soon she should be sleeping for even longer stretches (like 5-6 hours) and THAT is something to celebrate and brag about. And when I say soon I mean around 8-12 weeks old. You are doing just fine!