Monday, February 27, 2012

Baseline Appointment

Today, I had my first bloodwork and ultrasound.  Everything looked really good.  It did take a minute to find my left ovary.  I wasn't panicing or anything, but I did think to myself that I do not remember misplacing my left ovary.  It should still be there!  My lady bits are tilted a little which caused the left ovary to be a MIA for a second.  But all is good!

Dr. A kept saying both ovaries and my lining looked great.  My smart alec-ness wanted to reply most people have to buy me a drink before being able to say that; however, I kept it to myself.  Not knowing if he would appreciate my anxious/nervous sense of humor. 

Tonights shots (and until told otherwise) will be Lupron = 5 units and Follistim = 225 units.  We are getting closer!

All I have is 4 more days until the University closes for Spring Break and then I have a whole paid week off without using my annual leave!  I cannot wait! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

This week I learned that I failed the REG section of the CPA. So I will be retaking that section sometime in April/May.

I took the BEC section today. I left the testing center feeling like I did not fail but not exactly share if I passed either! I will get my results the first full week in March so yet another reason my fingers are crossed!

The rest of the day I am do nothing! I am taking a break from studying until after the IVF retrieval and implementation. I am hoping this will give me time to get the house back to normal and do some other things that have been neglected for too long!

But, today I am doing absolutely nothing! I am watching the Cats play, then I am going to read the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series, watch a movie, and drink some champagn with a girlfriend tonight! No particular reason for the champagn, just cause!

Since I have not started stimulation, I feel like a couple glasses of champagn wont be bad. I will have to drive home so I wont get crazy! How do you guys feel about drinking during the IVF process?

On the IVF front, my first bloodwork/ultrasound is Monday morning. I will be starting follistim that night too! Such an exciting time right now!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Checking In

I have not posted in a couple days.  Between studying for the next exam and giving myself a nightly shot nothing new and exciting has happened.  No one really wants to listen to me complain about studying, even the dogs do not like listening to me whine about studying! 

I do feel the need to complain a little!  I hate it when I take practice exams and I can get 85% on some and the 45% on others!  Frustrates me.  However, I keep moving forward.  I think the rest of this week is going to be fueled by coffee.  I am hoping Ben goes out with some friends tonight so I can have some peace and quiet at the house to continue studying.  He is sort of a distraction!  A cute one though!

I must get back to studying work now!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sounds like your mother!

For the most part, lupron has not affected me. Having said that maybe I am just in denial! Haha!

I seem to have lost my sense of humor. I am all business and get very frustrated when no one gets what I am saying! I was trying to pick on my husband the other night and no one would listen to me! It happened to me today at work too! When I notice this happening, I just quit. It is not like I retreat to Kellyland (well, maybe a little!) I just quit trying. It seens to work best for me and keep me from going crazy on someone!

My mother texted me the other day asking me how I was feeling. I responded that I was tired, cranky and had no sense of humor. She responded "sounds like your morher." This cracked me up! I love my mom!

The RE class on Wednesday went well! I feel more informed. At this point I have decided to take it one appointment at a time. I think there are way to many unknown variables otherwise. Realizing this has given me a sense of relief.

My first couple days of shots have gone well! I have surprised myself how well I can do this! Ben helps by walking me thru the steps: alcohol wipes, the lupron, my leg, the needle out, etc... I do not think he watches me but he is there! Tonight, he is working. He is a police officer so I am hoping he is not busy just to have the morale support even if via telephone! (Sarah, Ben is the police in your city, in case you ever need anything!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! My will be stuck studying! Exam is one week from Saturday!

Monday, February 13, 2012


As I read everyone else's blogs I wonder if the IVF newbies are as clueless feeling as I am.  Ben and I met with the RE for the first time back in March 2011.  The next time we met with the RE was to do my SHG  last week since we spent the last year saving money for the IVF.  I am sure the RE went over the procedure quite well last spring but it is almost a year later and now I just feel lost. 

My first shot (Lupron only, I think) is Wednesday night after an hour long class on how to properly give myself the shots and what not.  I am hoping that the appointment/class the nurse will fill in the blanks and I will not be so clueless anymore.  I really can't handle not knowing each individual step and what time/day the next step is.  I am trying to be all-go-with-the-flow kind of gal and so far I would say I have been slightly successful at that attitude mostly because the CPA exam takes up all of my time.  However, I just know major milestones: 
  • February 15 - Start shots
  • February 18 - Stop birth control
  • February 27 - Test Blood/Ultrasound (I think)
    • Continue every other day
  • March 8-10 - Retrevial
    • 2-5 days after implantation
    • 2 week wait.
When I was ordering my meds, the pharmacy went through the long list of what I was getting and asked if it was right.  I have no idea if it is right or not.  I have 72 hours after receipt of the medicine to make changes.  I get the meds tomorrow and hopefully the class on Wednesday will confirm the meds I received are right.

I don't want to be the crazy lady that calls the RE ever other day with new questions.  I know they said I could but I just don't want to be that girl.  I am just patiently waiting until Wednesday when we go to the class. 

In the mean time I am looking forward to getting my hair trimmed!  It needs it so bad!  Plus, for Valentines day I am making Ben this chocolate chip cookie pie thing I found on Pinterest.  Basically, in a pie plate put a layer of your favorite choc. chip cookie dough, next put a layer of chocolate chips over it, and then finally another layer of choc. chip cookie dough!  Of course, once baked put  vanilla ice cream all over it!  I cannot wait!  I hope he likes it too!  Even though if he doesn't that means more for me! haha

Friday, February 10, 2012


So I tried using the new blogger app today and it worked but instead of a new post it replaced an older post! (the one about keeping IVF a secret!) But I think I figured out what I did wrong!

So if you are interested in meeting our furbabies please scroll to the February 6 post!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thought Vomit Thursday

  • I was so excited yesterday to see someone had commented on my blog!!!  It was my first!  Yay, people read me!
  • I really need to take the time and figure out how to set up my blog.  I have a couple of buttons I would like to put out on the page and I just haven't spent the time to figure out how to do it!  I also need to update the people I read list.   Is there a common courtesy to let the bloggers I read, know that I read them?  I just feel like I am a stalker! 
  • My next CPA exam is in 2 weeks!!!
  • I went and saw the Vagina Monologues on our local campus last night with my BFF.  I have seen it several times before.  I always enjoy it!  I think every woman should see it at least once.  Better yet, take your special someone too!  Sometimes, I do wonder what my Vagina would say.... best for another post. 
  • I am going to help my MIL plan my husband's brother's wife's baby shower.  It is questionable if I will go though.  the shower is tentatively set for April 14th.  I will know the results of the IVF by then!  If it results in a BFP, then no problem making the 10 hr journey home.  However, if it is a BFN, I will have to see how strong I am at that point.  I feel like I should go no matter what.  It isn't their fault we are IF; but, it is just bitterness and resentment that they were able to conceive.  I know, I know get over it!
  • My last bullet is a doozy - Can you say one has too many things on one's mind?!?!  Today, I brought leftover spaghetti and salad for lunch.  As normal, I put the spaghetti container in the microwave and took my salad and diet coke to my desk.  Talked to my boss for a second and then went and retrieve my spaghetti from the microwave.  Back at my desk, I opened both containers.  I took a bite of salad and realized I microwaved my salad and not the spaghetti!!   Needless to say I still ate the salad.  Thank good tomorrow is Friday!!  Don't know if I can handle much more of this week!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Note: I am writing this blog on the new blogger app! I cannot fin a preview button so I hope it turns out ok!7

We have four (yes, I said four!) dogs! They are our babies and are spoiled rotten! It is so funny how all of them have their own personality! So without further ado, here are our furbabies:

Molly - She is our eldest. Not really sure how old she is but we are think she is about 14. She keeps all the other dogs in line! She is grumpy and does not like to touch unless she wants you too.

George! He is a mommas boy thru and thru! He loves snuggling with momma and does not like her getting to far out of his sight! He is also superfast and loves to run around our yard and in the pond!

Hank!! His mind is all about food and how he can get more of it! He loves bananas and butter cream frosting! He will be upstairs and as soon as he smells either one he comes running to the kitchen! We don't feed him people food but if we turn our head he takes it! He is also our most photogenic!

Jessie! We just got her this fall! She is 3 yrs old and is a fully trained hunting machine! She loves going out quail hunting with daddy! But she also loves cuddling on the couch!

And, finally last night as I was studying three of the doggies were 'helping!' Molly, of course, was upstairs in her bed not to be disturbed!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday Results... That I know!

First, lets get the CPA exam out of the way. I am pretty sure I failed. I wont officially know until the end of February but the simulations werent pretty at all! Fingers crossed for the best; but, I have accepted I will be retesting in April.

Now the slighly more important stuff!

My SHG test went well. It did not hurt bad at all which I was very thankful about. The doctors said that everythin look great! Which is fabulous, but I still wonder why we are even infertile to begin! But I do not focus on it, we may never know.

We go back on February 15 for training giving myself shots. I start taking lupron shots then. I stop my birth control on February 18. The. A few doctors appt here and there and we should be doing a retreival sometime between March 8-10. Which is perfect, I will be on spring break so I wont be missing to many work days. I work for a university and are lucky enough to get some student holidays off too! We should know if it works by the end of March.

I am so hopeful and excited right now. It makes me nervous I am trying not to get too excited but I just cannot help my self.

Well back to studying, I have another exam in 3 weeks!

Also, sorry if there are more typos than normal. I am posting from my iPhone.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tomorrow = Crazy Day!

Tomorrow is my next big CPA exam.  The regulation and taxation section, and prayers would be greatly appreciated.  I don't feel like I am ready but I also don't feel like I can study anymore.  I am just tired of studying...but...I...must...push...through.  I just cant.  Last night I took a break, had a beer, and thought I would be able to pick back up with studying.  Nope, one beer turned into two, than three, than bedtime!  Hopefully, I will be able to study some tonight.  Nothing crazy though, I figure if I don't know it by now I wont learn it tonight.  I have never done an all nighter before an exam, even in college.  I need sleep to think clearly!

Before my CPA exam tomorrow afternoon, I have an appointment with the RE.  I am having a Sonohysterogram (SHG) tomorrow.  The test had to be performed this week and tomorrow is the only option that fit in my schedule.  SHG is sterile saline will be injected into my uterus.  It will allow the RE to determine if my uterus is shaped normally.  It may cause cramping.  It is painful for some women and not others.  GREAT!!  I am going to be cramping and not feeling good when I take my CPA exam.  Just want I want to do!  Whatever happen to massages to relax! haha

On top of all that, I do not know if the birth control is make me anxious or if it is just the thought of tomorrow but I have been unable to sleep well these past few nights.  I am hoping about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon that my chest will be lighter.  Fingers crossed.

At the RE appointment we will also get my protocol and a schedule of sorts.  I LOVE SCHEDULES!!! I hope this will alleviate the weight on my chest.