Monday, February 6, 2012


Note: I am writing this blog on the new blogger app! I cannot fin a preview button so I hope it turns out ok!7

We have four (yes, I said four!) dogs! They are our babies and are spoiled rotten! It is so funny how all of them have their own personality! So without further ado, here are our furbabies:

Molly - She is our eldest. Not really sure how old she is but we are think she is about 14. She keeps all the other dogs in line! She is grumpy and does not like to touch unless she wants you too.

George! He is a mommas boy thru and thru! He loves snuggling with momma and does not like her getting to far out of his sight! He is also superfast and loves to run around our yard and in the pond!

Hank!! His mind is all about food and how he can get more of it! He loves bananas and butter cream frosting! He will be upstairs and as soon as he smells either one he comes running to the kitchen! We don't feed him people food but if we turn our head he takes it! He is also our most photogenic!

Jessie! We just got her this fall! She is 3 yrs old and is a fully trained hunting machine! She loves going out quail hunting with daddy! But she also loves cuddling on the couch!

And, finally last night as I was studying three of the doggies were 'helping!' Molly, of course, was upstairs in her bed not to be disturbed!


  1. Hi Kelly! Love the blog. Welcome to the world of IVF!! Our TTC stories are very similar. We're keeping it all a secret as well (and it's tough but doable). I'm adding you to my blog roll so I can follow you. Hopefully 2012 will be the year of BFPs for both of us!! -C

  2. Thank you! Yes, hoping for the best for the both of us!!! How are you able to keep it a secret? Any advice? I can only avoid my mom and MIL so much on the telephone! I try mostly on days where we are at the REs.

  3. They're adorable... looks like they have real personalities :)) Must be great company... I love dogs xoxo