Monday, February 13, 2012


As I read everyone else's blogs I wonder if the IVF newbies are as clueless feeling as I am.  Ben and I met with the RE for the first time back in March 2011.  The next time we met with the RE was to do my SHG  last week since we spent the last year saving money for the IVF.  I am sure the RE went over the procedure quite well last spring but it is almost a year later and now I just feel lost. 

My first shot (Lupron only, I think) is Wednesday night after an hour long class on how to properly give myself the shots and what not.  I am hoping that the appointment/class the nurse will fill in the blanks and I will not be so clueless anymore.  I really can't handle not knowing each individual step and what time/day the next step is.  I am trying to be all-go-with-the-flow kind of gal and so far I would say I have been slightly successful at that attitude mostly because the CPA exam takes up all of my time.  However, I just know major milestones: 
  • February 15 - Start shots
  • February 18 - Stop birth control
  • February 27 - Test Blood/Ultrasound (I think)
    • Continue every other day
  • March 8-10 - Retrevial
    • 2-5 days after implantation
    • 2 week wait.
When I was ordering my meds, the pharmacy went through the long list of what I was getting and asked if it was right.  I have no idea if it is right or not.  I have 72 hours after receipt of the medicine to make changes.  I get the meds tomorrow and hopefully the class on Wednesday will confirm the meds I received are right.

I don't want to be the crazy lady that calls the RE ever other day with new questions.  I know they said I could but I just don't want to be that girl.  I am just patiently waiting until Wednesday when we go to the class. 

In the mean time I am looking forward to getting my hair trimmed!  It needs it so bad!  Plus, for Valentines day I am making Ben this chocolate chip cookie pie thing I found on Pinterest.  Basically, in a pie plate put a layer of your favorite choc. chip cookie dough, next put a layer of chocolate chips over it, and then finally another layer of choc. chip cookie dough!  Of course, once baked put  vanilla ice cream all over it!  I cannot wait!  I hope he likes it too!  Even though if he doesn't that means more for me! haha


  1. Oh sweetie, it is SO NORMAL to have no idea what is going on! It might help to take a look at the blog Bloggers for Hope. We have an IVF writer and she basically just did a IVF 101 post for people exactly where you are! Here is a link :)

    1. I found that blog so helpful. I just think I need to keep reading it periodically especially in times of frustration.

  2. Don't worry about calling... we all do :)) I sometimes wonder whether they think I'm crazy too... but then I guess we're all crazy :) IVF is so stressful... and you've paid heaps of money for it... to call as often as you need to. If you're worried at all about your schedule then call ahead of your session... my clinic 'forgot' to call with a medication change for my cycle, so I'll certainly be calling them as often as I need to to make sure everything is right :) FXd for you xoxo

    1. If I feel clueless after Wednesday I will be calling/emailing! Thanks for the support!