Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday Results... That I know!

First, lets get the CPA exam out of the way. I am pretty sure I failed. I wont officially know until the end of February but the simulations werent pretty at all! Fingers crossed for the best; but, I have accepted I will be retesting in April.

Now the slighly more important stuff!

My SHG test went well. It did not hurt bad at all which I was very thankful about. The doctors said that everythin look great! Which is fabulous, but I still wonder why we are even infertile to begin! But I do not focus on it, we may never know.

We go back on February 15 for training giving myself shots. I start taking lupron shots then. I stop my birth control on February 18. The. A few doctors appt here and there and we should be doing a retreival sometime between March 8-10. Which is perfect, I will be on spring break so I wont be missing to many work days. I work for a university and are lucky enough to get some student holidays off too! We should know if it works by the end of March.

I am so hopeful and excited right now. It makes me nervous I am trying not to get too excited but I just cannot help my self.

Well back to studying, I have another exam in 3 weeks!

Also, sorry if there are more typos than normal. I am posting from my iPhone.

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