Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Checking In

I have not posted in a couple days.  Between studying for the next exam and giving myself a nightly shot nothing new and exciting has happened.  No one really wants to listen to me complain about studying, even the dogs do not like listening to me whine about studying! 

I do feel the need to complain a little!  I hate it when I take practice exams and I can get 85% on some and the 45% on others!  Frustrates me.  However, I keep moving forward.  I think the rest of this week is going to be fueled by coffee.  I am hoping Ben goes out with some friends tonight so I can have some peace and quiet at the house to continue studying.  He is sort of a distraction!  A cute one though!

I must get back to studying work now!


  1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for joining my blog! I'm now following along on your journey too and sending you lots of luck as you head in to IVF! It really is an amazing process, and this community is great if you have questions along the way.

    Love that you're a Reds fan too!

  2. Exams suck - good luck with them!

  3. Hi Kelly! Blah...exams. Hope studying is going well. GL!

    Thanks for checking in on me. I'm hanging in there! Each day is a bit better than the one before. Looks like our FET will be a little later than we had hoped. We're working on our patience...