Thursday, March 20, 2014

St. Patty's Day - FET

Our FET transfer was schedule for Monday morning.  I ended up calling in sick that day at work.  I was very anxious to have the transfer and I did not want to go into work and but grouchy, anxious, etc.  Basically, I did not want to deal with people.  I feel bad lying about truly not being sick but I want to keep this cycle secret.  With IVF, I never got a chance for the pregnancy secret and I regret that.  I shared everything during the IVF process that when we found out basically everyone knew because of my oversharing.  It was great to have everyone’s support.  It really was.  This time though I just want a period where only Ben and I know.  Granted it might not but long… but still. 
Ben and I left the house extremely early Monday morning.  We had to take Ava to daycare in our town and then drive to the city.  We had some winter weather the night before and I wasn’t sure how the roads would getting Ava to daycare and then how the highway would be getting to the city.  We ended up running 45 minutes ahead of schedule.  We stopped and had breakfast and I got relax a little but I was still very anxious/nervous. I am not sure what about either.  I knew what the procedure was going to be like. But I was still unsettled.
Ben and I had decided to transfer two embryos.  We had three frozen and the clinic would keep unthawing the embryos until two survived.  Per our RE, the embryos had a 90% chance of surviving thawing.  Lucky for us, the first two thawed successfully and we still have one more embryo frozen.   We transferred two 5-day old embryos.  They were grade A quality embryos. 
After the transfer, I felt relieved.  Again, I am not sure why I was super anxious but I am so grateful for the sense of relief.  I am continuing progesterone suppositories and the minivelle patches until a negative pregnancy test or 10 weeks of pregnancy.  Here is hoping for the later!  I am hoping that transferring on St. Patty’s day provides us with some luck!
The two week wait has not been too bad so far.  I am busy at work, my in-laws are coming in this weekend so I have to clean the house, I have a baby shower on Saturday, and I fly out Sunday for a conference.  I return late Wednesday night and first thing Thursday morning I get my blood work down.  We will know in 7 days.  I refuse to take a home pregnancy test to know anything before the blood work.  I never did during IVF and honestly I think it will make me crazy.  Where waiting until next Thursday, I have a date I can count down to.  It somehow relaxes me.  Crazy, I am sure but that is what works for me.
My RE told us we have a 60% chance of pregnancy.  I am going to leave you with this statistic I found online at a different fertility clinic.

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  1. Good luck! I'm glad it all went well. I'm with you on the secret pregnancy thing. It's a hard thing. Hopefully the next week will fly by!