Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leaky boobs!

Breastfeeding has gone well at least thats what everyone is telling me! My milk came in on day 4-5; but prior to my milk coming BF was hard and exhausting. I felt like all I did was BF and if I wasn't she was screaming. It really challenged my desire to keep BF. I completely understand why moms stop BF! If it was not for Ben's incredible support I do not know if I would still be BF. He has been a huge cheerleader for me!

Our BF story includes supplemental that first few days until Mommy and baby were more in sync. This allowed Mommy to get some much needed sleep.

At her one week appointment, Ava weighed almost 1lb over her hospital weight and a half lb over her birth weight!! That is amazing, per the doctor! The doctor hopes babies weigh at least their birth weight at there 2 week checkup and we surpassed that within a week! This gave me an amazing sense of confidence that I actually am doing well with BF!

I love the special time Miss Ava and I have while BF. I don't mind getting up (most nights) to BF. However, I hate leaky boobs! I feel like all I do is leak milk constantly! I go through milk pads like no other! I leak while BF; I leak while watching TV; I leak when Ava cries; and I leak in the shower!

I have started collecting from the leaky boob while I am BF from the other boob. I can collect about an ounce from the leaky boob! Its a pretty crazy sight I am sure! Plus, Miss Ava mean mugs the bottle collecting the leaky drippings! It cracks me up that she is claiming her milk!

I do feel bad that Ben does not get special time with Ava like I do. He does not seem to mind though. I am open to any suggestion on how to involve him more!

My breastfeeding advise for anyone about to start BF- this is your story! There is no right or wrong way. You need to find what works for you. If you don't supplement-great! If you do supplement-great! Remember this is your story- you write it as you go along. Also, find your cheerleader and get as much support as you need!

Note: While on FMLA I will be posting via my iPhone. My apologize for all typos and what not!

Love these chubby checks!!

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