Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Snapshot

Happy Baby

Poor baby has my complexion.  Luckily she is super cute in hats! 

We had a good weekend just the two of us!  Saturday, she took decent naps (1 hour naps) and then I dropped her off at a friends house so I could run some errands.  I have rarely taken advantage of our friends' offer to watch Ava we could do things but  holy cow it was awesome!  It was like I was free again!  Not having to worry about her was great.  This is the first time I left her with someone that I was not consistantly checking my phone to see if they needed anything.  Something about her being 6  months I am now able to comfortably leave her with friends and not worry nonstop.  Since both families live 10 hours away we rely on friends to love and spoil her. 

Ben and my anniversary is next weekend so I am thinking about having some other friends watch Ava for the night so we can go on a date!  I think we both have forgotten what a date is!  I am sure we will spend all of dinner talking about her but hey it will still be fun!

When our friend watched Ava Saturday it was during the day.  However, it will have to be during the work week when we have our date night since Ben's "weekend" is during the work week right now.  I might still be a little worried about Ava going to sleep at the right time without me.  But she will be fine.  She will be fine. She will be fine. 

Ooo, with all the freedom I felt running errands I added a couple of extra stops onto the errand list and purchased Ava a pink rug for her bedroom.  She is going to love it! 

Happy Monday!

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  1. FUn! Isn't it amazing how much easier errands are when you don't have the child in tow? Enjoy your date night next week - you deserve it!