Monday, June 3, 2013

Our birth story, 6 months late

So I was reviewing my blog and realized that I never shared Ava's birth story.   I did events leading up to Ms. Ava's birth but never the actually birth.   So here it is- the best to my recollection.

We arrived at the hospital at about 7:00 am on Wednesday, November 28th.   We got hooked up to the monitors and the pitocin started kicking in by 7:30am.   They came and broke my water around 8:00am.   I remember thinking that my mom wasn't going to make it for the delivery.   They had driven halfway from PA and would not be arriving at the hospital until about noon.   I thought that once my water broke it wouldn't take anytime for her arrival!   Boy was I wrong!

My goal when it came to labor was to make it 4-5 cm without any pain meds.  Around 11:00 am, my mom and dad came into the room.  Wheew, they made it!   And I had made it appoint 4-5 cm and was ready for the goods!   I was scared about having an epidural.  I don't mind the pain meds or getting stuck with a needle but having a long needle that close to my spine freaked me out but I was ready and it went in smoothly.

The epidural really slowed down my dilation, so the nurse made some adjustments and about 7:00pm they said it was time to get ready to push.   It just so happened to be the time the nurse changed shifts.   The next nurse Betty was awesome!   She had her hands in my business before she even knew my name.   As the first nurse was explaining my situation, Betty looked at me and whispered “what is your name?”   I know some people may find that impersonal but I thought it was hilarious.   I still think it is hilarious.   Betty cracked me up and kept me calm throughout the whole process.

Betty was with during my 45 minutes of pushing before the doctor showed up.   Dr. B was doing a C-section and got there as fast as he could.   Unfortunately, I did not think it was not fast enough.   At one point, Betty told me to stop pushing when Ava was right there.   Which ladies, that is extremely difficult to do!   It was the moment that I lost all cool and said, "I love Dr. B. but he better get is f***ing ass here." 

When Dr. B. arrived I continued pushing. I remember looking at Ben and watching him tear up. It melted my heart.  He did amazing.  Even though he has seen things I don't even want to begin to think about with his job when it comes to me, he can't handle it.   It was funny just watching him when I was doing my infertility shots.   Anyways, I bet I pushed only a handful of times and out came this beautiful little girl.  They placed her immediately on my chest after my mom cut her umbilical cord (Ben refused - again can't handle it).  My mom went out to let me dad know and to call some family members and then all hell broke lose.

I start hemorrhaging.   I was losing a lot of blood fast.  My placenta had broken into pieces and some was still attached to my uterus.   At this point my memory gets hazing.   I am not sure if it was from the blood loss or the meds that they were given me for the pain.  I remember telling Ben to stay with Ava on the other side or the room where they were checking her and asking mom to stay by me.   I remember feeling pain or the pain.   I remember Dr. B. scrapping my insides and asking if the OR was available.   I remember thinking if I just delivered Ava without a problem and now I have to go into surgery I was going to be pissed. 

I remember coming in and out of it.  I remember thinking that I was going beat the nurse assistant that kept asking me stuff like needing a thumb print and to me there was more important matters going on south of my belly button!   Even the doctor was getting a little frustrated. 

I remember when they thought I was in the clear and didn't have to go into surgery they placed Ava back on my chest (Kangeroo Kare - Absolutely love it!!!).  I was concerned that she wasn't latching and I was mad that no one was listening to me because I kept feeling Ava was going to fall of my chest. I don't remember where my arms were at this point.  Ben said I was coming in and out.

After about an hour they finally had the bleeding under control and everything was stitched up.  I stayed in the labor and delivery room for another 6 hours so they could monitor me.  I was exhausted, weak, and wanted sleep.  Every time I was about to fall asleep someone was coming in to check me or take my blood. 

When I was transferred to my room, I was still being monitored and didn’t get much sleep.  I ended up with a blood transfusion which felt like syrup going through my veins.  It did give me a headache but nothing that some pain meds. 

However, throughout the whole ordeal my still did not fail me.  I have gain strength in delivering Ava.  Thank God that I did not lose my reproductive system as what I fear would have happen if I had to go to the OR.  

Even though the doctor said that this happens sometimes and it is nothing we could have done to prevent and it more than likely wont happen again.  I plan on giving my own blood in case this happens again next.  


  1. Oh wow!!!!! Hemorrhaging is a big deal and a lot of people don't talk about it. My sister hemorrhaged and had to have to 2 blood transfushions. The checking in crazy right, I felt like someone was coming in every hour to check to see how much I was bleeding. Yup no sleep at all. So glad all turned out okay and still have all your lady bits!!!!

    1. Yes, it is very scary. I think Ben and my mom were more scared than I was at the time just because I wasn't sure what was all going on.

      You poor sister! Do they know why she hemorrhaged?

    2. She ended up having a tear in her uterus.

  2. I've always hoped you'd get around to posting this! I love reading birth stories. :) I'm glad the birth experience itself went pretty much according to plan and that they were able to stop the hemorrhaging afterwards. Scary.