Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Body Image

During our infertility struggles I turned to food for a little bit and gained enough weight that my clothes didn’t fit any more.  I started dieting/exercising.  At my peak fitness, I was 21% body fat.  I loved seeing my muscles.  I loved feeling stronger and watching myself get stronger.   I lost all that muscle tone I worked so hard to get when the holiday cookies started appearing, the fertility meds, and finally the pregnancy sweet tooth.

Even with losing tone I felt so strong after giving birth.  I felt empowered.  I felt like I was the strongest women in the world.  Yes, I realize women give birth every day all over the world without drugs and with much bigger babies.  But to me, delivery was the strongest I have ever felt.   I even felt a little sexy.  I wish I was more eloquent in explaining this feeling.  I hope all women feel this strong. 

Even though my body is not how I wish it was, I am still amazed at how strong it was to push a child out, my sweet little child.  I still feel empowered.  I have caught myself admiring my body shape in the mirror.  Sure there is extra lovin’ on those love handles but they were a right of passage.  Not that I ever had a straight body, I love having more of an hour glass shape.  Also, I do enjoy a little more fullness in my lovely lady lumps thanks to breastfeeding. 

It really made me feel like a true woman vs. a girl wearing mommy’s clothes. I really believed that something inside of me changed that day.  I feel more confident in myself and my abilities.  I am not sure if that change came from the strength/empowerment or if the difference was caused by being a mommy. 

I do want to start the diet/exercise regiment again to help flatten that belly pudge some.   However, right now any free time is sleep time for me.  I feel it is more beneficial to maximize sleep.  I have started trying to take Ava for walks.  I need to start using the bow flex again in the mornings but Ava is so inconsistent on wake up times.  Days that my pants are too tight or I am not liking the looks of my body, I remind myself my strength and also remind myself it took 9 months at put the weight on it will take 9 months to get it off. 

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  1. Great attitude!!!! You have plenty of time to take it off. Enjoy that sleep and time with your daughter!!!

  2. glad you are in a good place and birth was such a good experience for you. I ended up with c so i had the opposite experience and hope that I can do a vaginal birth this time.

  3. I LOVE that you felt that way about your birth experience. It is such a powerful experience!

    21%?? That's awesome lady! I'm at like 34% right now and NOT happy about it.