Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Approximately 3.5 years ago…
Ben was working that night so I was home by myself mowing the lawn.  I had just finished making dinner and sat down to watch the new Big Bang episode when my close friend (and Ben’s co-worker) Teri called my phone.  There was a brief moment of “Yay! Teri is calling!” before the “Oh shit, Teri is calling.” thought crossed my mind.  See Teri and I always text (in fact I have unlimited texting because of her!) and up until that night Teri had never called me. 
As soon as I answered I knew the news was not going to be good but I didn’t know how bad it was going to be.   She asked if I had talked to Ben and I said no what is wrong.  She explained Ben was ok but he had gotten hurt at work.  At this point, I start freaking out in my head and of course I think the worse that he had been shot and the department and chaplain is on there to get me. (Ben and Teri both are police officers and work in the same area in the nearby city.)   My world turned upside down in the few seconds it took for her to explain what happened.
Teri said he got into a fight with a man on drugs.  Ben had tasered the man but it did not affect him.  The man continued towards Ben.  The man took the tasered from Ben and tasered Ben in the arm for 5-10 seconds causing Ben to fall backwards with the man on top of him.  The men tasered Ben in his neck for approximately 20 seconds.  While being tasered in the neck Ben was able to grab a pen from his pocket and stab the man in the face.  The man got up and ran away.  Then Ben’s co-workers all arrived on scene to help Ben and some caught up with the man later that night.   (Please note that this happened in a matter of seconds.  Usually, Ben is not alone or the other officer is pulling up.)  Per Teri, Ben was conscious but out of it.  He was loaded up in the ambulance and taken to the ER as a routine precaution.  
He finally called me or I called him I can’t remember exactly but he said he was fine (I could tell he wasn’t) but I was suppose to stay home.  I didn’t need to come get him.  He was released from the hospital ok and finished the paperwork before he came home.  He even went into work the next day even though everyone told him to take a couple of days off.  He suffered mostly disappointing himself by allowing himself to getting into that position.
It took him awhile to realize he did everything he could have at the time of the incident that things like this just happen on the job.  The man was high as a kite on God knows what and the taser was ineffective.   He now goes and talks about his experiences to the new cadets which I think is the best therapeutic thing for him.  Plus, it is a good annual reminder for him that he is not invisible. 
So I request from you as a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) wife, remember the cop that gave you a spending ticket or any other interaction with an officer that more than likely s/he has a family that loves him/her.  S/he may be struggling with infertility or other similar problems too. 
I love my officer.  He is my prince charming.   
Remember to thank a cop this week to celebrate National Police Officer Week. 

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  1. Wow, scary!!! So glad he was ultimately okay.