Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Current happenings in Kellyland

  • Monday morning in my morning trip to the car I dropped my phone and shattered the screen.  I went to the ATT store at lunch and realized I had left my wallet in the diaper bag at home.  Therefore, I had to wait another day before getting a new phone.  Luckily, I was still able to use my phone without getting chards of glass in my fingers.  I was able to upgrade the phone and get a $45 trade in value for my old phone.  
  • Friends are going down to the lake and staying in a boat house this weekend.  We have been invited but Ben is working Saturday night and I don’t know if I want to go without him.  It is a heavy drinking crowd and it will be the first time having Ava out on the water.  I am sure it will be fine and I will have lots of fun once I get there but at the same time I am just nervous about it.  I think if I decide to go down I am going to drive separately and then I can always leave if Ava is not doing well.   
  • Then next weekend Ava and I are going up home to PA for my grandmother’s memorial.  Ben is unable to make it so a friend is going with us.  We drive home.  It takes about 12 hours now with Ava.  I had ever intention on going by myself (and Ava of course).  I have family every couple of hours that I could stop in at rest or take a break if need be.  But everyone else thought that was a bad idea.  Even though I am sure they are right, I still struggle with losing some of that independence.  But the silver lining is Teri, Ava, and I will have a blast road tripping!
  • The end of the month we are our doing our annual pig roast.  We get a pig and Ben roasts it all day.  All our friends come over for the day and we have a good time.  Swimming, playing corn hole, assuming adult beverages, and just plain letting our hair down.  I am super excited for it even though I have shit ton of things that need to be done before the party.  
  • I am registering for my annual work conference.  It is out of town and Ben and Ava can’t go with me.  My parents are coming down to watch Ava so Ben can work (his second shift schedule is not conducive to Ava’s schedule.)  Ben is already taking bets if I can make it for the 4 nights 5 days of going without Ava.  I can do it… but I am a little nervous being away from her for that long.  There will be a lot of pumping and dumping that week.  
  • Finally, I am debating on starting up studying/testing for the CPA again.  I figure I could do it at night after Ava goes to bed (by 7:30).  I would just have to focus.  I really want my CPA but I am still hesitant on having the drive to study.  I am also scared on the cost.  I am looking at approximately $1,500 in study materials and then about another $1,000 in testing fees.   
  • I think I could go on and on with this bullets but I will leave you with the best news we have: AVA IS CRAWLING!!! Well army crawling.  It is super cute and it means that she is getting bigger!  I am loving this stage right now but I wont lie I miss my little cuddle bug!


  1. Fun to see an update from you. :)

    The boat house sounds like a ton of fun! I find I never regret going to stuff like that - just regret NOT going. Give it a shot, and drive separate so you can get away if you/Ava need to!

    I totally would have done a 12 hr roadtrip if I had a couple places to stop along the way! Have fun. :)

    We used to do an annual pig roast, but it's been a few years. I wish I could come to your party!!

    Phew, 5 days without the kiddo? Eek! I was planning on a 5 day river trip this spring w/o Stells, but when I got pregnant I cancelled b/c everyone would be wasted the whole time and that's no fun while sober :) I was a little nervous about that much time away, but I'm sure it would have been fine. Good luck! Can you not freeze the milk you're pumping while you're away?

    Crawling - it's a whole new world!

    1. I will look into freezing milk. We are traveling by plane so I am not sure of the FAA regulations about expressed milk. Looks like I have some research to do. May I could mail it back...hmmm

      I had the trip planned all by myself. Leave at 7 when Ava goes to sleep get at my cousins around midnight and then have one of them travel with me the rest of the way. They are all going up home anyways!

      I have talked myself into the boat house... at least going down and playing the rest by ear. Which means I will have lots of fun when I get there and wont want to drive back home at night. I do the same thing as you... always hesitant to go but have a blast when I am there!

      You are so welcome to come to our Kentucky home for the pig roast! We feel the more the merrier! I understand that the 20+ hour drive is a little much to ask though! :)

  2. Yeah! Crawling is so fun! Soon she'll be exploring every nook and cranny of the house and it will keep her entertained for hours!

    1. It will help me keep the house a little cleaner too!