Monday, July 15, 2013

MM Snapshot-Lake

This weekend Ava and I went to the lake with some friends.  We even spent the night on the houseboat.  Ava loved the boat used to get to the cove where the houseboat was and loved the water.  She dealt with the life jacket cause I insisted it must be worn- we may have had our first 'really mom' moment when she first looked at me with it on.

I even stole a quick moment to ride my old jet ski that our friends purchased from us.  It was fabulous to be out on the lake by myself for a minute or two.  Having the wind blow thru my hair... Amazing. 
Filing up the car to go to the lake!

Yes, someone gave Ava a cheese puff.  She love it.  But that was her one and only!

In a couple of year, baby girl, in a couple of years.

The boat to the houseboat.  

Good times at the lake.


  1. Oh so sweet!!!!! I can't wait to go swimming with the little one. Oh and I bet being on that jet ski was heaven.

    1. It was heaven! Ava loves the pool/lake. I hope your little sweetie loves it just as much!