Friday, August 9, 2013

This momma isn't ready for this

As I was dropping Ava off at daycare today, her teachers mentioned that she will be walking soon.  She pulls herself up on any and thing and everything and walking is just around the corner.  Well, this made me tear up.  I am not ready for a baby to be walking or even on the verge of walking.  She is only 8.5 months.  I realize that she isn’t going to be a little baby forever but walking… WALKING!  This momma can’t handle that!

I feel like we just completely mastered crawling.  We have hardwood floors vs. carpet so I do think she would have crawled sooner if it wasn’t for the slick floors.  I guess walking will be easier on the floors at least until she does the Risky Business slide.  

I think my only saving grace is the fact that she has my balance so far.  But if your baby is on the verge of walking, how long will it take for her to actually be able to do it?  How long do they cruise (which Ava isn’t yet) before actually walking?  

Also, how do you cope with your little one hits a major milestone?  I do not want to cry the rest of Ava’s life. 


  1. Meh, Stella furniture cruised for quite a while before walking. Every kiddo is different!

    1. I am loving all this new and exciting stuff we are learning but man, I miss my little baby. We aren't cruising yet but when she does I hope she stays there for awhile.