Thursday, February 6, 2014

Here we go again! FET#1 Schedule

After much contemplating on my part, Ben and I decided to do FET this March.  I thought I had decided not too just because it is smarter financially and professionally to wait until next year but I was never settled with that decision.  I brought it up yet again to Ben and he said lets go for it.  I made the call that day and I felt very comfortable about my decision.  I kept waiting for a wave of regret to come and it never did.  Now, I do have heavy shoulders about the procedure.  Specifically, how many do we transfer, what are we going to do if it doesn’t work, etc.? 

Here is My protocol:

Step 1 – Birth Control Pills for a month.  I have started January 27th and will continue taking BCP until February 22nd.  So far I feel like the pills have just made me weepy.  But maybe it is the gray skies and snowy weather keeping me homebound last month and I just have some major cabin fever!

Step 2 – When I start my next period I will start using Minivelle patches.  I start with 1 patch and work my way up to 4 patches.  I will decrease back to 2 patches prior to the transfer and will continue the patches until my period or 10 weeks pregnant. 

Step 3 – Transfer day will be either March 17 – 18th.   I will start my antibiotics and Prometrium suppositories.  I will continue Prometrium until my period or 10 weeks pregnant.  I used the prometrium last time too.   Even though I never felt quite clean using the suppositories, I am so glad it isn’t the progesterone shots that I hear horror stories about. 

There will be a total of three appointments not including bloodwork/pregnancy scans. 

Appt 1 – Tuesday this week I met with our RE for a sonohsterogram (SHG).  Per the clinic’s website, SHG involves injecting sterile saline through the cervix into the uterus and then the RE uses good ole Mr. Wandy to make sure the saline flows into the uterus without any problem.  I cramped a little during the procedure but it went well and there was no blockage or other issues. 

Appt 2 – It will 12-14 days into my next cycle.  They will check my lining and make sure all is ago for the transfer.

Appt 3 – As mentioned above the transfer day is March 17th-18th.  Either day works for me.  I will have to miss a part of work but it is what it is.  I will either have to wear green for St. Patty’s day (3/17) or Duke blue for my brothers birthday (3/18).

It seems completely weird to be in this process again.  Ben and I are still discussing how many to transfer.  We have 3 snow babies.   We both agree not to transfer all 3.  Ben says transfer 2.  I go back and forth between transferring 2 and having a better odds of pregnancy and transferring 1 and still having 2 for backup. 

It feel so odd, yet strangely familiar, to be back in this process again. 


  1. Phew, crazy to be in the process, but kind of nice that it's so comparatively "easy" to do a FET, eh? Fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Oh I'm excited for you! We also are looking at doing a FET in the next 4 months or so! I can't wait to follow along in your journey again :) My bday is March 18, so that would be a great day ;)