Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Disappointed but Relieved

About 2 weeks ago, we had our first ultrasound.  We immediately were able to see two sacs.  Baby A measured at 7 weeks and had a good heart flicker.  Baby B unfortunately never developed.  It was an empty sac.  

Dr. A called this vanishing twin symdrome.  He said it occurs in 1 out 7 pregnancies and it did not matter if it was ART or natural conception.  My body would absorb the empty sac within the first trimester and Baby A would be unharm.    

He said that it explains why my morning sickness is worse this time around.  Extra hormones are going through my body since there were two sacs. 

From the research I did, everything Dr. A said was right on track.  A few scary options could happen but mostly if the twin would vanish later in pregnancy. 

My initial reaction was purely disappointment.  When I saw that two sacs attached, I was excited/overwh ed by the thought of having two but then to know one did not develop was a huge letdown.   After that reaction, relief come over me.  Mostly because 2 daycare expenses is more doable than 3 daycare expenses and we do not have to worry about vehicles either.  My little subie would not work at all with 3 carseats.

So we are super excited to have one strong little heartbeat flicker!    


  1. That is scary but congrats on the one heathy heartbeat! I'm not putting it on my blog for awhile but my transfer is May 23!

    1. Good luck!! I will be thinking of you!!

  2. Whohoo! It makes total sense that you'd have mixed feelings about it all, but I'm so thankful you have a little heart beating away in there!