Thursday, May 1, 2014

Surprise, surprise, surprise

The other day I told you about our first ultrasound.  Let me tell you about ultrasound #2.

Ben was suppose to meet me at the doctors.  He was working.  He was running late after transferring some  outstanding citizens to jail.  He called and said he was going to be at least another 20 minutes and to go ahead with out him.  I asked if he wanted to facetime but he said no judst video the heartbeat.  

The nurse held the phone to get a good video of the ultrasound.  The baby is now measuring 9 weeks and the heart rate was 175. 

Next, Dr. A began searching for the other sac when I saw it.... Another flickering heartbeat.  Yes, the second sac (aka vanishing twin) had developed and  did not vanish at all.  Baby B is measuring 8 weeks 2 days and the heart rate was 156.

Boy oh boy was I surprised!  I called Ben during the ultrasound to tell him we got dupped!  

After I got dressed again Dr. A came back in and we talked about our little surprise.  Per Dr. A, the baby could either have attached late or is having some development issues.   He said he has seen it played out both ways.  He said the odds our in our favor that we will deliver 2 healthy babies but it is still early and baby B may not survive.  

If baby B does not survive, it should not affect baby A.  My body would absorb the fetus.   

If baby A does survive (yay!), the age difference will not matter at full term and everything should be ok.  

So we are now just waiting.  I have been released from Dr. A and my next appointment is with my obgyn on May 12.  We should know more about the babies then.

Ben is pretty excited and I am just shocked and sick.  I need to lay down every night after Ava goes to bed or I start throwing up.  I have zofran which has helped some days and other days not so much.  

Right we are just taking it one day at a time and praying our little surprise is a fighter!


  1. What a roller coaster! Lol! That's great news!

  2. Holy crap!!! I have a lot to catch up on!!! TWINSIES!!!! Congrats my dear! Now your question about the Sienna on my blog makes a lot more sense. :) I love it and for the price we paid and the great condition it was in (certified pre-owned) we really got everything we needed. I can't complain. We got a 2006.

    1. We like the Sienna too... I know I want a 7 seater and no car payment if possible! We own our car now and should get a decent FMV for it and with a little down payment. I have already started stalking your blog from 2012 during your pregnancy just to give myself a heads up on what is to come!