Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thought Vomit Thursday

I am definately stealing the Thought Vomit Thursday from a blog I read on occasion.  I like the idea and today I cannot formulate one good thought to write about.  So here is what is floating around Kellyland today:
  • I have dropped 2-3 dress sizes!  I bought a new pair of jeans last weekend and they are 2 sizes smaller than what I was wearing!    I have been doing the MaxMuscle diet and I have lost weight and did not really modify my diet at all. I still eat meat, potatoes, and everything in between.  Having said that I have no motivation to continue to my goal.  My original goal was to lower my body fat % since we will be starting IVF next spring.  I wanted to be healthiest I could be.  Now, I am content.  I still would like to lost 5 lbs more and gain some more muscle... but again need motivation.
  • I have an impending CPA exam in less than a month.  I hope I pass this time!  I am studying hard and efficiently so fingers crossed!  Can I tell ya how much I hate Deluted Earnings Per Share and Deferred Taxes!  (Sorry, went geeky on ya!)
  • I hate it when people touch me constantly!  I love doing the 'hey, haven't seen ya in a while hug' but after that stop touching me!  My BFF is in this touch, grope phase to me and it is driving me nuts... must find a way to politely, kindly say "Stop explictive touching me!"
  • I have to call my mother in law and give her the updated IVF news.  My hubby isn't a talker so I need to let her know whats up.  What's up you ask?  We are starting IVF in January!  I am excited, scared, nervous, and everything in between.  Looking for someone who is starting/going through IVF now that I can follow so I am not caught off guard when we start. 
I think that this is it for me today.  Have a happy!!

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