Friday, January 13, 2012

Thought Vomit Thursday... Oops, it's Friday

  • I heart 2 hr delays!  I work for a university and as an employee I also reap the benefit of 2 hr delays.  This morning I enjoyed my 2 hr delay (due to < 1 inch of snow!) by sleeping in, drinking coffee, and watching the beginning of Live with Kelly.  It was awesome.  I have decided the normal work week should be 10 to 5!  I know I am the most productive!  (As I sit here writing this blog during work hours:))

  • My friend, SM, finished her 2WW with a BFN.  My heart goes out to her right now that and a big bottle of wine.  However, I like her plan.  She and her hubby are going on a small trip.  I kind of wish the hubby and I would have done that.  It would have been nice to runaway from it all for a moment.

  • My next CPA exam is fastly approaching!  Oh, shit!  I need to buckle down with my studying of taxes!

  • Since planning the IVF, the hubby and my lovelife has been improving!  It has been great.  No stress or worries about if it is going to work this month.  The hubby feels like I am no longer just using him for spermies.  It has been great to reconnect on that level again and rock each others world. 

  • I love my NOOK!  Hubby got it for me at Christmas and it is fabulous!  I just finished The Hunger Games.  It was awesome.  I highly recommend it.  I feel so much for the main character, Katniss.  At the end of the games/book, knowing the games changed you and being unable to figure out how you are going to reconcile what you have become in the games and what you were prior to the games.  I really related.  It is similar to IF.   Prior to IF, I never calculated my cycle days, never instensly stared at cervical mucous, or talked about it!  Now that is what I do every cycle (which actually, causes my cycle to be out of whack).  I am at a place now where I am trying to find the middle ground.  Realizing not everyone cares about what the cervical mucous looked like today (even the hubby!).  IF has made me stronger.  I guess it is kind of like the military... break you down first to build you back up mentality.  Well, here is to rebuilding a stronger me, marriage, and everything in between.

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