Thursday, January 5, 2012

The ball is set in motion!!

Wow, the ball is set in motion!  I feel anxious, nervous, excited, and a little scared!  I just keep telling myself to breath in, breath out. 

Yesterday, I called the fertility clinic to see what needs to be done to start IVF.  I knew they had a couple of test they wanted the hubs and I to do.    I have to do a SHG (Sonohysterogram) test.  It appears to be similar to the HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) I did last year except it is a ultrasound vs. a X-ray.  I am hoping the SHG test is less painful than the HSG.  I cramped a lot with HSG.  I am lucky and do not tend to cramp during PMS (I get backaches.) so the cramping threw me for a loop!

I have to do the SHG at the end of my period.   Which now leaves me waiting until my next cycle to test.  Constantly waiting!  I feel this year my New Year's resolution is accept waiting and enjoy the moment in time aka keeping my mind otherwise occupied. 

The hubs needs to do a current semen analysis.  I have giving him all the necessary information and all he has to do is schedule the 'donation' prior to my next cycle. 

I am half way done with my CPA!  I passed the FAR section! My next CPA exam, REG, is the first Friday in February.  My cycle will be starting the end of January/early February so it looks like I will be in my normal crazy state at the end of January!

The nurse said after my SHG test I will be starting the IVF med protocol! 

Again, I would like to reiterate my excitement and yet scared silly for the process to begin.  I will put my feelings into words later.  Currently, I am focusing on breathing in, breathing out!


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