Thursday, June 21, 2012


Tonight, we are going to a belly spa to find out the gender of our little baby.  It is not because we cannot wait until July 11.  It is more because Ben's parents are in town and I thought it would be fun to share this with them.  We live 10+ hours from both parents and I am hoping/expecting that my parents will be with us during the delivery, especially my mom.  This way his parents who may/may not be here for the birth can at least have something special with our little one.  But, okay, maybe I am a teeny weeny little bit excited too!

Today is also my mom's birthday.  She doesn't know that we are doing this so I figured it will be a nice little surprise phonecall for her tonight too! 


  1. Hey Kelly - I was just looking at my stats and see a lot of referrals from your page. I see that you're due next month but haven't posted in awhile. I hope all is okay in your world!

    1. Hi, I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I have not posted out of not knowing where I fit into the infertility pregnant world. Besides I think I am a better reader/stalker than I am a writer! :)However, I am 33 weeks prego and growing!

    2. Post!! There are MANY of us IFers who feel lost once pregnant - you are not alone. :) Have you checked out PAIL at all? ( It's a project I'm a part of that helps people who feel lost in that void.

      Congrats on being 33 weeks! Is it a boy or a girl? Exciting!!

    3. I have seen you mentioned PAIL but never looked into it. I went to the site and think it is exactly what I need. Thank you!

      We are having a little girl. We don't have a name yet picked out. We aren't ready at all. I am hoping nesting will kick in this weekend and I make considerable progress in the nursery!

    4. LOL, we didn't do most of the nursery, etc until the very end either. You'll be fine. :) Congrats on the little girl - they're amazing!