Friday, June 1, 2012

Thank you!

I know I do not have many people following me and I am fine with that. I have always been a girl with a small group of close friends. I never needed or wanted to be friends with everyone.

I have also never had good luck with woman friends. I grew up with boys and feel more comfortable around guys. In my experience, girls are catty.

I had a bad experience on one of the baby websites message board today. Where I fully admit I made a mistake, an honest mistake, and was attacked for it. I deleted my original post and added another post with my apology. I hope the women I offended accept my apology.

Having said that ladies that do read my blog thank you, for listening, uderstanding, and mostly not judging or attacking my thoughts/feelings in the comment section. And being patient when I make mistakes on blogspot. Technology is not always my friend.

Thank you again ladies.


  1. I could have sworn I replied to this the other day. Pregnancy brain! But basically what I said is that yes, those message board people can be pretty catty! Ugh! Blog folk seem more civilized as a whole!