Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh Miss Ava, will you please take a nap.

Oh Miss Ava, it would be fabulous if you would consistently nap. You sleep so well at night. Asleep by 8pm, up around 2am for a feeding, and up around 6:30am for more food and sometimes back to sleep until 9 and sometimes up.

But when it comes to naps, you fight it so so much and when we finally find the magic sleep trick for the day (that you so love to change everyday!) you sleep for 15-30 minutes tops! You wake up still sleepy/fussy.

Please please help daddy/mommy figure out what it is you need for at least 2 nice over an hour nap everyday instead of these 30 minute catnaps once or twice a day!

Then maybe we can play more vs. try to put you to sleep!

P.S. Even though, I may act mad when you are falling asleep while nursing and then all of a sudden you are wide awake smiling up at me to get me react... It really melts my heart. I just cannot let you know that just yet!


  1. Oh man, Stella was a short cat napper for a LONG time... probably 7 months? Check out for some good advice!

  2. Ugh, sorry to hear about the napping problems! Not sure if this will help you (or if you're already doing it) but since my boys have been seeing a Physical Therapist we've been doing their exercises and stretches a lots of tummy time which wears them out and helps them to nap better. Might be worth a shot.

    1. Thanks! We do a lot of tummy time too. I think we just haven't figure out the moment of "yay, I am tired" before the "I am extremely tired and don't want to do anything... including sleep!"