Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Thursday!

·         I find out my CPA exam results tomorrow or Monday (sometimes my state is slow to post) and I am scared to find out!  I have not had good luck with this section before.  I just hate taxes!  I even have someone else do my taxes.  Yes, I realize turbo tax is super easy.  I am just afraid of doing things wrong and getting audited.

·         I need to increase my supply of pumped breastmilk.  I feel like we are going through my frozen supply faster than I am pumping.  I am meeting with a BF support group on Monday and planning to find out what I can do.  How to balance pumping/nursing?  Feel free to leave any advice/suggestions.

·         My grandma has been battling cancer (colon, breast, colon) for the last 7 years.  She is finally done with all the treatment.  She is wore out and tired of it.  She, currently, only weighs 96lbs.  The goal now is to keep her comfortable and happy.  We made the 12hr trek home so she could meet Ava but stupid me never got a picture.  I am hoping she makes it mid-April so I can get a picture.  At least she got to meet her.

·         An infertility leftover, hormonal, emotional time for me is nightly reading Ms. Ava her books.  I absolutely love it and I can’t get through a book without tearing up!  And not just The Valventine Rabbit but Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton.  It is the time that I realize how lucky we are to have her and how at one point in time seemed impossible, our impossible dream. 

·         On a lighter funnier side, Sarah did a book review of Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Bloggess.  Sarah’s review included some links to her favorite Bloggess posts and I feel in love and can’t wait to read more!  Even if you read the two posts that Sarah mentioned you will be in tears!


  1. I pumped every morning (either an hour before or after Stella's first nursing of the day). Occasionally I used it to get enough milk for daycare - but usually it just added to my stash. I had about 200oz in the stash by the time I quit day pumping.

    1. Wow! Over 200oz, that is awesome! I pump twice at work and then right before I go to bed. Should I be pumping more often?

    2. I pumped 3x/day for the first few months back at work, then 2x/day at work. I never pumped at night before bed b/c I rarely got much. Your milk supply is highest first thing in the morning, so that's when I always did my extra pump (and I did that every day - not just days I was going to work). I think it was around the time Stella started solids and her nursing went down a bit that I really started to build a stash b/c I kept pumping that same # of times. There are also supplements you can take, but more than anything, I just focused on being really hydrated.