Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Back in March, I saw a newsclip on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams about new IVF technology.  You can read/watch the newsclip here.

How fascinating?  To be able to watch your embryos grow nonstop is so unbelievable cool to me.  During our IVF process, I loved getting a microscopic picture of our growing babies.  It was the first time it became real.  Then getting pictures from our ultrasounds before being released back to my normal OBGYN, it was just amazing.   

More importantly, the embryoscope allows the doctors to monitor the embryos in a control climate at all times; whereas, current practice the embryos are removed from the incubator to be check which increases your risk.  The article says a woman under 34yo has a 45% chance of conception with IVF but the embryoscope may increase the conception rate!  That is just amazing! 

A big fear of mine with doing IVF was spending all that money (approx $11,000 out-of-pocket) and not ending up with a healthy pregnancy/baby.   I am sure it is a common fear for people struggling with infertility and any chance to increase the conception rate is a blessing. 

What do you think of using an embryoscope?

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