Sunday, April 21, 2013

Body after baby

I have been squeezing myself into my work clothes for the past month thinking that I would lose the remaining 15lbs of baby weight and of course 10 more!  But, I am not doing enough physical activity or eating right for that matter for my body to even consider losing the weight.  Yes, breastfeeding has helped the poundage come off but it is a slow process and I love cookies way too much!

I went shopping yesterday for some new pants.  I want some khakis and I need some shorts that will fit my new curvy body.  It was a successful trip in the fact that I had some QT time with my girlfriend but unsuccessful in the pants department.  Everything that fit my waist was way to big in my butt/thigh area and everything that fit my butt/thigh area was way to small in my waist.

At Christmas time I did buy a couple pair of jeans and now they are too big in the butt/thighs.  They have also been referred to as my ‘mom’ jeans.  They so are ‘mom’ jeans too but they are also comfortable!  I was never a big fan of super low rise jeans.  They hurt my back.

I keep telling myself it took 9 months to put the weight on (really 10-11 months- thank you fertility medicine!) it will take that much time to lose the weight.  However, I am sure it would take less if I did something about it.  And of course avoided cookies on most days! 

Since Ms. Ava hasn’t been sleeping well due to a congestion the last few weeks I have been exhausted and unable to get up to use our bowflex.  But I am going to have to make that a priority.  I would prefer to do it in the morning but maybe I am going to have to workout after she goes to bed for the night.

Meanwhile, as I type this there is a commercial for the new coolwhip frosting and I so want to try it!

Happy Sunday!

Please note I am not a person that needs to be crazy skinny.  I love a athletic body.  I am 5'7'' and at my skinniest been 135lbs and now I am 165lbs.  I would love to be somewhere between 140-145.  But mostly I like being tone!  I love seeing muscle definition.  

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  1. You will get there. My sister got her body back after a year. I think your theory is right...9 months on, 9 months off. Give yourself some slack, and enjoy those cookies for now. When you have the time get back into excerise. In the mean time enjoy every second that you do get to sleep!!!