Monday, April 29, 2013


Today I just do not feel put together. My house is a mess and I cannot find anything when I need it.

I am suppose to go check on my boss's cats while she is away today. I checked to make sure I knew where her key was last week and found it. Today, I can't find it!!!! I didn't get a chance to look for it either because I was running late to get Va to daycare and me to my dentist appointment.

I am sure it is just a case of the Mondays but I get so overwhelmed with managing myself, Ava, Ava things, the house, life, and my marriage. When we were first married it took awhile before I got in the swing of things with being a wife and I guess it is the same with being a mom.

I absolutely love being a mommy but just wish I had a fairy godmother that kept my house cleaned and organized!!!

Yes, organization! That is what I must work on. I feel everyone will benefit with some organization in our household. But first I MUST study for my CPA exam so that it is my last ever! Life will be so much better when I am not being suffocated by this exam!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I so can relate to this! I've always been a really organized person so motherhood has sent me over the edge! So many toys, baby crap, and nowhere for it to go, and putting the mail where it needs to go so it's not lost in all the shuffle. ACK! Drives me nuts!