Saturday, September 14, 2013

Budget crushers

Since having Ava, we can safely say our budget is tight, very tight.   One of the many ways I feel we can save is on our groceries.  We pay way too much for only three of us.  For the past month, I feel like we have spent on average $150/week on groceries.  Now this does include paper products, toiletries, diapers, and formula.  But still $150/week is crazy high right?

A friend from high school has a blog, Holly Helps.  Holly takes questions from her readers and answers them.  Recently, I asked her how does she save on groceries.  Luckily for me, Holly is not an extreme couponer.  I do not have the time/patience/organization to manage extreme couponing. Miss Holly recommends:

  1. Meal planning
  2. Meatless meal
  3. Aldi, Aldi, Aldi
  4. Bulk shopping
  5. Meal planning

(For Holly’s full blog, click here)

So for I have done bulk shopping, I saved the Sam’s Club membership and more in just one trip.  I also learned that you can order things online and have them shipped to you!  Since our Sam’s is 30 minutes away, it might not be a bad idea when I am just stocking up on diapers/formula.  I will have to research shipping costs. 

Meatless meals – That is not easy since we grew up on meat potato kind of meals.  Ben is complete against it.  I am going to try more when it is just Ava and I eating.  However, we raise our own beef cattle and have them butchered.  Additionally, we are purchasing a pig to have butchered and it is bow season has started too.  Hopefully, that will help cover meat costs.

Aldi – we have an Aldi 30 minutes away also but I haven’t ventured there yet.  I hope to within the next month to check it out.

Meal planning – sounds like a fabulous idea!  I do meal plan from time to time and do feel like it helps our budget some.  My goal is to consistently meal plan.

So how do you save money on groceries?  Taking any and all ideas!


  1. My goal is to always keep it < $500/month for groceries. When things are really tight, under $400. That's really reasonable for the 3 of us really - $1.85/person/meal at $500/month (and we go out to eat MAYBE once a month). I'd rather cook with quality ingredients and eat out less often. Also, you're definitely saving a ton by buying meat in bulk - I'd guess the meatless suggestions come from ppl who by everything by the pound at the grocery store. We buy 1/4 beef once a year (split a half) and that lasts us a year. I agree that Sam's club can be great for certain dry staples like pasta / toiletries /etc.

    What the heck is an Aldi?

    Meal planning...ugh...I do it from time to time and it definitely saves us money, and then I fall off the wagon again.

    Honestly, the best way for me to save money is to limit our grocery store trips to 2x/month instead of 4. I'll buy more if I'm there -- whereas I'll figure out something to do with the ingredients already in my fridge/pantry if I don't go. Every once in awhile I'll need to grab some fruit or veggies in between, but rarely. We just eat more fresh produce 2 of the 4 weeks each month I guess. LOL

    1. Aldi is a discount grocery store. I have only been there once. It is a no fuss grocery store.