Monday, September 2, 2013

Final Vacation 2013 Recap

I didn’t mention some of the highlights of my vacation last week.  I really did have a good time in between the sick baby moments.  I always enjoy Ben’s family and we get along great.  I know I frustrate some of them with the no sugar stuff but since she was sick we got away with it. 

On Monday, we had our pictures taken at the pier.  They turned out really good!  I can’t wait to have them in a couple of weeks to show you our first family photo!!!  I highly recommend having pictures taken at a pier versus just the beach.  Even though both can be beautiful, the pier adds depth and dimension making them gorgeous.

One of the days Ava had pooped in her swimsuit diaper so Ben and I washed her off and washed out the diaper.  I put the diaper in the washroom sink and turned on the water so the bottoms could soak.  Then I went upstairs to shower/relax.   When I came downstairs I noticed all the clean towels were on the laundry room floor soaked.  Stupid me never turned the water off when filling up the sink to soak her swim bottoms.  Yeah, at that point I realized I was exhausted.  It was a good joke for the rest of the week.

I had crab!  Oh I love crab so much.  I lived in Baltimore for a while after college and I could have lived on crab alone.  Yum.   Ben and I got 3-dozen medium-sized crabs and took it back to the house and indulged!  It was awesome.    Then the next day someone got fresh shrimp and cooked it.  It was heaven.  Oh, how I love fresh seafood!

I think the ultimate highlight is Ava started standing all by herself!!! Granted it was only for three seconds tops but she did it!  She is getting too big.  I think this past week all she did was practice standing all by her self and is now able to do for a decent amount of time. 

P.S.  On an awesome note, I have contacted Fitbit and they are replacing my machined wash Fitbit free of charge.  I should get it this week!!! 

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  1. This post just made me crave some fresh sea food BADLY. Nom nom nom...