Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in - The beginning

Since I was pumping at work, I hadn’t been wearing dresses.  I was chose to wear easy access type shirts.  I haven’t pumped at work since July and I finally realized I could wear my dresses again!  Today, I put on a black dress that is structured and somewhat fitting.  It fit fine.  A little snug around my hips but nothing crazy…. Until I tried to put Ava in her car seat!    As soon as I even tried to sit in the car to put Ava in her seat in the middle I heard it. RRRRIIIIIPPPPPPEEEEEE! Oy Vey!  Luckily it happened while we were at home instead of already at daycare.  I quickly ran inside, changed, and continued on with our day.  

I am going to start doing the Weekly Wednesday Weigh-ins (idea stolen borrowed from Josey).  So here goes nothing:

Starting Weight: 42 weeks postpartum: 160#

My goal: 
I felt the best I have ever felt when I was mid to low 140s.  I could fit in a size 6 but felt better in size 8.  At that point in my life I was doing a very strict high protein diet and working out daily.  A 5’7” I was about 21 BMI. I had muscles.  It was awesome.  I had never been toned before but they were there! 

I believe in setting small goals, working hard on meeting goals, and then re-evaluating goals periodically.  Therefore, my goal right now is to get to 150# and have my size 10 cloths fit better!

How I am going to do to achieve my goals: 
Right now I am not ready to start the strict diet mentioned.  I would like to just focus on moderation, portion control, healthy snacks, healthier meals, etc.   

My workouts are going to have to be walking with Ava and keeping track of my steps using my Fitbit!  I would like to reach at least 4,000 steps/work day right now.  I know it isn’t much but it is a starting point.  On weekends I would like to surpass 10,000/day.  

I want to start logging my meals using my fitness pal (MFP).  I have never logged meals so this is going to be interesting. 

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  1. Yay! You can totally do this. It sounds like we are similarly built for sure. I think your step goals are totally reasonable - that's about 5,700 avg/day over the course of a week. I think I was shooting for 6k/day average in the beginning of my weigh-ins and got up to 9k/day average after getting into the swing of things.

    I REALLY like tracking food on MFP, especially when they sync with FitBit now. Make sure you ALLOW the negative sync so that if you're NOT taking steps, it takes away some of the cals allowed. Keeps you honest. :)