Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in #4

Starting Weight: 160# 
Current Weight: 162.61#

My goals and how to achieve
See my first Wednesday Weigh in here!

What happened this week: 
 I am not sure what truly happened.  A lot of poor eating and sweets mostly and beer.  It has been a rough week after dealing with a friend having mental health issues and changes at work it was a little stressful. 

I am relieving my stress with baking cookies (I love to bake!) and then having a beer or two or three every night. 

Also, sleep.  I haven't been sleeping well at all and then on top of it Ava is going through this "lets wake up at 5:00 am" cycle.  No bueno! 

Goal(s) for the last week results:
1. Get back into my daily routine. - I am back into the routine but not studying for CPA like I should be.

2. Caught back on sweets. - I find myself eating some sweetness every day.  I need it, ok! :)  I need to check myself with proportion of that sweet or limit to one sweet a day!

3. Take a moment every day just for me. - Does playing candy crush count?

4. Walk! - I haven't been going for walks but I have been getting high numbers on my fitbit and averaging approx 5,500 steps per day.  Plus, that is with forgetting to put my fitbit on at least once a week.

Goal(s) for this week:
1. Walk on weekends and at least non bath nights at home.  Enjoy this fall weather that I love so much!
2. Limit sweet intake!
3.Stock up on healthy snacks - research and try at least one new healthy recipe this week.
4.  We have a charity event this weekend - Relax and enjoy myself there. Ava will be in a great hands with the babysitter.  Dress up and make myself feel pretty vs. like a mommy or like a kid in adult clothes!


  1. When I'm getting back into a weight loss groove, it's definitely about 90% food / 10% exercise. Long term you need exercise to be fit and tones and overall healthy, but to start losing weight, it's almost always the diet that needs overhaul. Speaking as someone who LOVES to have a few beers every night (when I'm not pregnant), it's all about making smart calories choices earlier in the day, and that's where MFP helps me. If I know I get 1500 cals (or whatever the # is that day) and I'm going to have 3 Bud Selects for 300 cals, I plan appropriately to only eat 1,200. :-) Same goes for rationing cals for your sweets. Eat things like mini-Krackle bars or mini PB cups - something you know the cal content of each time you pop one in your mouth. Helps keep those extra cals from adding up too quickly.

    Good luck - you can do this!

  2. Dressing up and doing hair/makeup goes such a long way to make you feel like yourself again, doesn't it?? I'm back on the diet/fitness bandwagon. Been focusing on a 30 min. walk every day at lunch and tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal app. It's like a game for me! I get so excited at the end of the day when I hit the "complete tracking for the day" button and it tells me how much I'll weigh in 5 weeks if every day was like today. Great motivator!