Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekly weighin - 10/23

Starting Weight: 160# 
Current Weight: 164.4# (As of 10/2213)

My goals and how to achieve
See my first Wednesday Weigh in here!

What happened this week:
I don't even know... Monday I committed to use the My Fitness Pal app.  You ladies kept recommending and recommending and I finally realized this is what I have to do.  Just after doing 2 days, I realize I eat like crap! :) So this week I am slowly making adjustments.

Goal(s) for the last week results:
1. Walk on weekends and at least non bath nights at home.  Enjoy this fall weather that I love so much! - I walked on weekends but not a traditional walk - we went to a pumpkin patch!  So much fun!!

2. Limit sweet intake! - I feel like I did cut back on some sweet intake but it was a baby step!

3.Stock up on healthy snacks - research and try at least one new healthy recipe this week. - Yeah that didn't happen. 

4.  We have a charity event this weekend - Relax and enjoy myself there. Ava will be in a great hands with the babysitter.  Dress up and make myself feel pretty vs. like a mommy or like a kid in adult clothes!- This happened.  It was so much fun to get prettied up!  We had a blast!

Goal(s) for this week:
1. I had a consult with a Chiropractor yesterday and have my next appointment on Friday.  I hope this helps with the pain I have in my arms/shoulders after lifting/holding Ava.  The Chiropractor said my back was all screwed up! My right shoulders high, my left hip is high, my neck goes to the right, my head goes to the left, etc.  I have been very stiff lately in the morning.  I hope this helps.
2.  I have had low energy lately too.  I have been anemic in the past so I want to start taking vitamins/iron supplements.
3. I have been debating on doing the half marathon in my area at the end of March.  I need to decide if this is what I am going to do and commit to training. When do I have the time? Do I have the energy to pull off training properly, studying, Ava, and household activities? Plus, added pressures/responsibilities at work.  Help!  How do you balance life; yet still maintain sanity?!?!


  1. Your doing great!!!! One thing that has helped me...I got rid of all the crappy snacks in the house...I.e sugar snacks and now just snack on fruit when I need something sweet. Keep on trucking will come off!!

    1. Thanks! I try not to buy sugary snacks too. :) My downfall is baking. I love to bake! I guess I should stop buying sugar/choc. chips for awhile too! :)

  2. Yep, MFP really is the key for me - hope it is for you as well!'s a hard bugger to find. Do you want to train outside in the winter? I guess that'd be my biggest hesitation. Good luck if you do!

    1. I would want to train outside. On nice days I can take Ava along (bundled up of course) in the jogging stroller. I just don't know. I think I will end up chickening out and rationalizing that I do not have time for this!

  3. Isn't MyFitnessPal great?? I'm still using it after 3 weeks and that says a lot! I'm too stressed to really worry about working out so I'm just focusing on the eating part to get my weight down. So that is how I balance! I just don't bother with some things until I know I can handle adding it in the mix.

    1. I do like MFP. However, I catch myself cheating throughout the day! But I end up logging everything by the end of the night! I keep telling myself not logging that half cookie is hurting no one but myself (and my waistline as my pants get tighter!) :)