Friday, March 9, 2012

The Retreival

Ok, I apologize if this makes me sound like a baby but please realize I have never ever been in surgery.

I was nervous yesterday since I never been in surgery. Ben has been in a couple of surgeries since we have been married (nothing serious). I am ab excellent care giver and I know what Ben needs as a patient. However, I was concerned about the two of us switching positions.

The nervousness made me quiet. I think they expected me to ask more question but I was blank. Basically, they are the professionals, they know what they are doing. I trust them.

Once back into the room, I was given a gown and then the nurse came in and put in my IV. She did a great job but it still hurt some. Next, I kissed Ben goodbye and I went into surgery.

I have a 'piercing' so they checked to make sure it was ok to leave in. It was ok. But I did not care and kind of wished they would have removed it. It was an act of rebellion. It does not do anything, just decoration.

Anyways, I remember the medicine going in and burning and then the mext thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room cold and in pain. They covered me up with another blanket and gave me morphine! I did not think I was in morphine pain but the pain sure did alleviate!

I am sure what you really care about: we got 28 eggs! Thats right, 28 eggs! Which is great but at the same time we are keeping watch of OHSS. Hopefully, nothing crazy happens the next couple of days and we will be able to transfer on Sunday/Tuesday!

Once home, the medicines made me sick a couple of times. So recovery was not fast.

Ben was awesome! He took such good care of me. I love him!

Fingers crossed that we have a good fertilization report today!!

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