Monday, March 26, 2012


Today, we will hopefully find out if we are pregnant or not.  I am hoping the beta number has gone up significantly.  Last time I had Ben call and get the results and I found out when I got home from work.  Today, I am still having Ben call but I do not know if I can wait until I leave work.  Ben is working tonight so no matter what I am going to hear about it over the telephone.   I think I will end up calling him once he knows the results.  I checked in a noon to see if he knew the results… here is our message:
Me: So do you know? I don’t know if I can wait all day.
Ben: They are out until 12:30; however, you are going to be the proud momma of 16 baby turkeys Tuesday or Wednesday.
Yes folks, my husband said turkeys.  Why we need 16 baby turkeys is beyond me but raising birds is a hobby that turned into a business for my husband.   He raises quail and sells them.  At any given time we have more than 1,000 quail eggs in an incubator.  He seems to enjoy it.   Did I mention I am scared of birds?!?!?!
What we do for love! J 

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  1. FXd for you and will be thinking of you all today :) Wow... I didn't realise that you raise turkeys and birds :) xoxo