Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Um, I do not think he did anything?

Before the transfer Dr. A met with Ben and I and said that we had 8 great embabies and 6 ok embabies.  We decided to transfer the best 2 embabies.  Per Dr. A, at my age (29) 2 is the recommended amount to transfer.  I am fine with this number and had planned on putting 2 in all along.  Ben agreed. 

Challenge Accepted
Dr. A proceeded to say that out of his last cycle, 5 patients that were 29 were pregnant with twins now.  I do not know out of how many.  However, I say challenge accepted.  My brother has twins (clomid) and he can do it, so can't I.   Granted my brother has mom/MIL that live within 5 minutes whereas our parents both live 11 hours away.  I still have faith in us!

The transfer went so well I told Ben afterwards that I do not think the doctor did anything.  It was so simple, painless, and quick that I really did not do anything.  It was awesome!  Best part yet!

I wasn't prescribed valium like others have been and I really did not need it.  I was anxious but completely fine.  I expected it to be a little difficult.  The doctor that did my IUI would have trouble opening my cervix but not Dr. A (A for Awesome!) 

The lab should be calling daily to let us know how the remaining embabies are growing and when they will be able to freeze.  I am expecting around 6 or 7!

Other News
I checked my recent CPA grade.  I PASSED!!!   I am now 75% done with my CPA!  I have one more test on regulations/taxation and then I am done.  The end is near!  I hope to take the exam some time early May.  I am just not sure when yet. 

In regards to my last post, I am still bloated beyond belief and uncomfortable.  But I have decided it is more related to constipation than OHSS.  Dr. A stated it was normal with the meds I am on and the anaesthesia and to add fiber to my diet.  Done!

Lab just called.  We were only able to freeze 3 embabies.  So much for my 6 or 7... but 3 frozen embabies is still great and I am still happy!


  1. I'm glad it went so well, and big congrats on the CPA! 3 snowbabies is still great, too. :)

    1. Thanks! I am happy with the 3 snowbabies. The only was suppose to be crossed out not underlined. Yesterday after leaving the doctor, I expected 6 or 7 snowbabies. Not half of that. But yes, still very happy to have any snowbaby. One of the things I learned this last 2 weeks is that life is so very fragile! :)

  2. Three to freeze is great!! We were expecting a few more too but we had two we were able to freeze. It's such a good peace of mind. Glad the transfer went well too!

  3. Wonderful news all round :)) Great that your transfer went so smoothly, that you've got 3 gorgeous embabies to freeze and on your exam results :)) Well done :) Happy PUPO xoxo