Friday, May 18, 2012

12 Weeks 1 Day

I missed my weekly update for 12 weeks yesterday.  So here goes: 12 Weeks 1 day!
·         This past week was rough.  I didn’t feel good at all.  I was tired and constantly felt like I was fighting back vomiting.  Sometimes I wonder if this mind over matter approach with vomiting is worth it.

·         The thing I miss currently is brushing my teeth.  Don’t get me wrong I am brushing my teeth but it is short and quick so I don’t throw up.   Prior to being pregnant, brushing my teeth wasn’t always fun.  I would make myself gag at least twice every brushing.  Now gagging means vomiting and brushing my teeth all over again.  It’s a vicious cycle!  I just want a good clean scrubbing of my teeth.   Hopefully, soon.

·         My belly has definitely not popped yet.  However, it does look like I have eaten a couple boxes of donuts all by myself.  I use a belly band from time to time but that is mostly to keep comfortable after lunch. 

·         This week I have been fighting off headaches.  It is weird.  I feel a headache from time to time but it isn’t any big deal unless I bend over.  At that point my head throbs.  I am trying to stay hydrated and avoid taking any medicine for the headaches.

·         The poison ivy!!!  I am on day 3 of the meds.  So far I still itch.  It isn’t all the time or nearly as strong so hopefully the meds are working!   Everyone seems to be getting a kick out me getting poison ivy after doing nothing but sitting on the couch for the last 6 weeks.  Oh, well!

·         I am still going to bed at 9-9:30.  I toss and turn a little through out the night but for the most part I am comfortable.  I am doing my best to sleep on my left side.  I have read that it is better for the flow blood and nutrients to the baby. 

·         Our friend has already decided when we are having our baby shower.  It cracks me up!  Since we are transplants in the area we live in, most of our friends are through Ben’s work.  It will be a couples’ shower in October after the guys switch to having weekends off.   It should be interesting!

·         I can only hope that my energy level picks up again soon.  I have to start studying for my final exam in July!!  I can’t wait to have the CPA over with!  And, then I can put my full concentration on Baby!


  1. Girl, get yourself some Zofran. You need to eat! That stuff works miracles and you deserve some relief by now. Call your doctor and ask about it!

  2. Sorry to hear that you've not been well... ginger works great for nausea/morning sickness :) xoxo