Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 Weeks

·       I have made it to 10 weeks pregnant!!  I am no longer taking the progesterone suppositories!  Hallelujah!!   They have not been that bad… but I am hoping I finally get to feel ‘clean’ down there.  Also, I am hoping the constant itching down there goes away too!

·    I get waves of nausea but I have been able to control it with eating small meals often and mind over matter.  I hate vomiting (I mean really who does like it?) so I am doing my best to control the urge.

·    I absolutely, no questions asked, have pregnancy fatigue.  I do not want to do anything.  I do not want to see anyone.  I am perfectly content being a hermit in my home.  However, the hubby is not impressed.  He is supportive but makes me go do things with him.  Which I am glad he is getting me out of the house.  Otherwise I would be completely worthless!

·    My clothes are still fitting but sometimes after I eat I unbutton my pants because it is uncomfortable where they hit my belly.   I am going to purchase a belly ban sometime soon.

·    I have decided to postpone my final CPA exam until July.  There is just no way I can study enough to pass for May.  Like I said, I do not want to do anything.  I have no ambition.  I need to find some though.  I need to start studying.  Yuck!

·    Pretty much all of our family and close friends know by now.  It wasn’t our intention but most knew something was up anyways.  But we have not made any public announcement yet.  I have been debating about the Facebook announcement.  If I even want to make the announcement at all… just show up 9 months from know with a little baby in all of our pictures! Haha.  If I make the announcement, I want to leave it open that someone in the IF community would get that we had troubles but I do not want to go out and say that we used IVF.  

Understand, I am not ashamed of using IVF.  I think it is/was an amazing opportunity for us and I will advocate it to anyone and everyone that asks.  However, I just do not want our IVF process to be Facebook official.  Not everyone in our family knows/understands the IVF process.  I do not want to get in religious debates on Facebook about IVF.  I just want to let others know in the IF community that I have been there and I can be resource.    Any suggestions on how to or not post something on Facebook?


  1. I've been thinking a lot about the Facebook posting myself and I'm feeling the same desire, to give people the hint that they can ask me questions if they are having the same troubles. Ironically, the hubby is OK with me saying IVF, but not OK with me using the word Infertility. I don't get it, but whatever. If you don't want to say IVF, here's some wording I would suggest, "It has been a very long and difficult road to parenthood for us and we are so grateful for our blessing. Feel free to private message me if you ever need guidance in this area!"

  2. So glad to hear your 'voice'... I've been wondering how you're doing. Lovely to hear that all is ok... wow - 10 weeks already :)) That's a tough question... it's always difficult to say it but you might be relieved by the response you get from others. Thinking of you xoxo

  3. I don't blame you for not wanting everyone in the world to know your business, I'm actually pretty mum about our infertility treatments. When people ask, I'm honest I just am not ready to shout it from the roof tops. I'm so happy you made it to 10 weeks! Awesome!!! Ps. I started my lupron injections! Ya for one step closer!